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Procedure & Requirements for Admission


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    Stepwise Guidelines To Apply Online For Admission Fall-2022

Filling of Entry Test Application and Receiving Admit Cards

Only online filled application will be accepted from 15 August 2022 to 02 September 2022. The candidate has no need to visit any test center for this purpose. Following is the procedure to fill application and receive admit card online :

Steps To Apply
  • Visit the nearest HBL designated branch to receive the Entry Test Token at the cost of Rs.1300. Click here to view the designated HBL branches
  • You are responsible for the security of your token. Keep the token number confidential. Do not share it with others until you have printed your admit card.
  • Token number is hidden by a scratchable sticker. Scratching the sticker will expose the token number.
  • Attempt to peel off the security sticker will cause loss of the token number. Just carefully scratch the sticker to see your token number. Loss of the token number due to irresponsible scratching or peeling will be the responsibility of the candidate.
  • Visit the admission portal at http://admission.uet.edu.pk and click on the link "Online form for Entry Test is available" or "To apply, click here".
  • You will be asked to enter your serial number and token number for logging-in to the portal.
  • On successful login, you will be asked to enter your perosnal information. Make sure that the data entered is correct.
  • You will be asked to upload your photograph.
  • Your photograph should have light background with your face facing the camera. Sunglasses should not be used. You should upload your clear picture which is similar to the one available on either your CNIC, domicile, Matric certificate or passport. (Picture Format: JPG or PNG, Maximum file size upt to 1.0MB)
  • After uploading your picture you will be asked to chose the entry test center from the given options. Candidates may select any Test Center and Session Time Slot visible at the time of filling the application form. However, for their own convenience they are advised to choose a Test Center nearest to their residence /district of domicile. Since seating capacity is limited in each Center during each Time Slot, they will have to choose an alternate Test Center or Time Slot if all seats during a time slot in a Center of their choice have been filled.
  • After choosing the entry test center, you will be permitted to print your entry test admit card.
  • Your admit card would be generated immediately. Last date for data entry and generation of ADMIT CARD online is 2nd June 2020. Reprint of Admit Cards is permitted until the day of the test.
  • To print a copy of your admit card, follow the instruction given on the admission portal.
Requirement of Photo-ID at the Test Centre during Entry Test
Applicants are reminded to arrange for photo-ID like:
  • Computerized National Identity card (CNIC)/ NICOP.
  • For candidates aged less than 18 years, Juvenile Card issued by NADRA;
  • OR

  • An official photo identification like Matric/ Intermediate certificate carrying photograph;
  • OR

  • Computerized domicile certificate bearing a photograph
  • OR

  • A Passport;
  • OR

  • Statement of Entry in case of “A” Level students etc. for presentation in the Entry Test Centers during the Entry Test. Failure to present a photo-id may result in expulsion from the Test Center.