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Exam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can a student withdraw courses during the semester?

Students may be allowed to withdraw from a course during 4-6 weeks of the semester. In such a case the transcript shall record that the student enrolled in the course and withdrew. Consequently, grade W will be awarded to the student which shall have no impact on the calculation of the CGPA of the student. Students would be required to submit the application in the office of the Chairperson.

Q. How can a student freeze a semester?

A student may discontinue his/her studies by seeking a semester freeze during the semester before the final term examination on medical grounds or circumstances beyond his/her control with the written permission of the Chairperson/Principal/Director of the Department/College/Institute/School concerned subject to the condition that semester fee shall not be transferred/refunded.

Q. Can a student avail a bonafide status during his/her freeze semester?

During the semester freeze, the bonafide status of the student shall remain suspended provided that discontinuation shall not be allowed for more than two years in any case.

Q. What is the schedule of summer semester/ Does the University offer the summer semester?

The summer semester shall be offered at the end of each academic year as an optional semester of 08-09 weeks duration. Students will be offered the course(s) to remove deficiencies. A student who has either failed or has been stopped to take the examination due to shortage of class attendance or wishes to improve his/her grade is allowed to register in summer.

Q. Can a student improve any of his courses during the program?

A student may repeat fail courses and/or improve the grade/s of the already pass the course(s) in the summer semester or relevant semester or where the course/s is/are being offered within the prescribed maximum time limit of the program. In this case, a student shall enrol the course(s) in the summer semester in which the course(s) is/are being offered, by paying the prescribed fee. Such course(s) shall be marked under asterisk (*) in the provisional and official transcript.

Q. Would a student be awarded a position in case of a repetition of courses and improvement of grades?

Would a student be awarded a position in case of a repetition of courses and improvement of grades?

Q. Is there a limit to improve a course?

There is no limit to improve a course within the maximum degree period, provided that the student has not availed the official transcript.

Q. How to get a student ID card/university card?

The student is advised to contact the supporting office of the NARC department UOC.

Q. How will I get confirmation of my admission?

Merit list of all successful candidates will be displayed on the university website according to the given schedule.

Q. How can I get Migration Certificate/No Objection Certificate (NOC)?

The students of University can get Migration certificate/NOC within a short time upon payment of the prescribed fee.

Q. What is the dress code of the University?

The students shall wear dress that ensures modesty, sobriety, and dignity. The dress must neither be offensive to social norms and ethical values of the society nor injurious to feminine grace and gentleness. Female students shall, preferably, wear a scarf and an overall sufficient to conceal their posture.