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Department of Physics


The Department of Physics has set the ambition of leadership in the subject of pure and applied physics in the country and has firm commitment to bring its credibility at par with the technological advanced countries.


The Department of Physics has the determination to motivate undergraduate students to develop their interests in the subjects of Physics so that a scientific culture prevails, and with the intention to induct top 10% students in higher studies in Physics. The department has the endeavor to enhance the standard of teaching in Physics and the quantity and quality of research to meet with the needs and demands of the country.

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University of Chakwal, Punjab 48800 Pakistan.
Email: mail@uoc.edu.pk


  • To educate the students to fulfill the requirements of scientific organizations in the public and private sectors of the country
  • To promote collaboration and inter disciplinary relationships with the teaching and research organizations in the country and abroad
  • To arrange courses, seminars, workshops and conferences for the promotion of teaching and research
  • To establish links with the local industries for the enhancement of the quantity and for the improvement of quality of the products. To train the students to make an assessment of the claims of the vendors of their high technological equipment available in the market



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Ch. Azmat Ali Minhas


PhD Physics (Continue)

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Hamayun Bashir

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics