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The Department of Zoology was established under the umbrella of Biological Sciences in 2020 (Fall semester 2020), initially BS Zoology degree was started. It is an emerging academic Department as a source of excellence in specialized areas of Zoology, etc. Economic Zoology, Basic Zoology, Wildlife biology and conservation, Molecular and genetics studies, Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology & Reproduction, Parasitology, Toxicology, Aquaculture & Fisheries, Bioinformatics, Endocrinology, Ornithology and Mammalogy. The student’s intake is generally in accordance with the University policy.

The Department of Zoology is currently offering BS-Zoology four (04) years academic program (Regular).


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The vision of the Department of Zoology is to produce high-tech professionals and researchers for the promotion of animal sciences.


The mission of the Department of Zoology is to provide the quality education and to promote excellence in research in the diversified fields of Zoology.


• To produce highly skilled professionals and research scholars who will provide services to various sectors of industrial, health, academics, and research institutes at both national and international levels.

• Adjustment of students in various institutions and other research institutes, to get the practical skill required nationally and internationally for development and after completion of degree to fit in organizations with sound base.

• To provide working environment for research scholars to enable them to learn modern Zoological techniques.

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University of Chakwal, Punjab 48800 Pakistan.


Total number of Credit hours (Flexible from 132-140 Cr Hrs.), Duration 4 years, Semester duration 16-18 weeks, Semesters 8, Course Load per Semester 14-20 Cr Hrs. Number of courses per semester 5-8.

1st Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Course Type
Th. Pr.
ZOL-111 Animal Diversity-I (Invertebrate) 3 1 Foundation Course-1
BOT-116 Diversity of Plants & Related Life 3 0 General Course-1
CHEM-116 Inorganic Chemistry-I 3 0 General Course-2
ENG-101 English-I/Grammar 3 0 Compulsory Requirement-1
PKS-112 Pakistan Studies 2 0 Compulsory Requirement-2
CS-111 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies 2 1 Compulsory Requirement-3
Total 16 02


2nd Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisite
Th. Pr.
ZOL-122 Animal Diversity-II (Vertebrate) 3 1 Foundation Course-2
ZOL-123 Cell Biology 2 1 Foundation Course-3
BOT-126 Plant Systematics, Anatomy & Development 3 0 General Course-3
CHEM-126 Organic Chemistry-I 3 0 General Course-4
ENG-121 English-II/Communication Skills 3 0 Compulsory Requirement-4
ISL-111 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2 0 Compulsory Requirement-5
ISL-122 Translation of Quran/Ethics 0 1
Total 16 03


3rd Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisite
Th. Pr.
ZOL-211 Animal Form & Function-I 3 1 Foundation Course-4
ZOL-212 Evolution 2 0 Foundation Course-5
CHEM-217 Physical Chemistry-I 3 0 General Course-5
SOC-111 Introduction to Sociology-I Science/Geography/Uni option*** 3 0 General Course-6
BOT-224 Plant physiology & Ecology 3 0 General Course-7
ENG-211 English-III/Introduction to Literature 3 0 Compulsory Requirement-6
Total 17 01


4th Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisite
Th. Pr.
ZOL-221 Biochemistry-I 2 1 Foundation Course-6
ZOL-222 Animal Form & Function-II 3 1 Foundation Course-7
ZOL-223 Animal Behavior 3 0 Major Course-1
MATH-111 Mathematics 3 0 Compulsory Requirement-7
STAT-101 Introduction to Statistics 3 0 Compulsory Requirement-8
ISL-224 Translation of Quran/Ethics 0 1 Compulsory Requirement-9
Total 14 03


5th Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisite
Th. Pr.
ZOL-311 Economic Zoology 2 1 Foundation Course-8
ZOL-312 Biochemistry-II 2 1 Foundation Course-9
ZOL-313 Biological Techniques 2 1 Major Course-2
ZOL-314 Ecology 2 1 Major Course-3
ZOL-315 Physiology 3 1 Major Course-4
Total 11 05


6th Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisite
Th. Pr.
ZOL-321 Principles of Systematics 2 1 Foundation Course-10
ZOL-322 Research Methodology 3 0 Major Course-6
ZOL-323 Developmental Biology 3 1 Major Course-5
ZOL-324 Genetics 3 1 Major Course-7
ZOL-326 Translation of Quran/Ethics 0 1
Total 11 04


7th Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisite
Th. Pr.
ZOL-411 Microbiology/Special Paper A1*/Research/Internship Report/ Uni option 2 1 Major Course-8
ZOL-412 Wildlife 2 1 Major Course-10
ZOL-413 Molecular Biology 2 1 Major Course-9
ZOL-414 Fundamentals of Entomology (A2**) 2 1 Special Paper + Elective Course-1/ Uni option
ZOL-415 Endocrinology 2 1 Elective Course-2/ Uni option
Total 10 05


8th Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisite
Th. Pr.
ZOL-421 Zoogeography & Paleontology 2 1 Major Course-11
ZOL-422 Bioinformatics 2 1 Major Course-12
ZOL-423 Ornithology/ Special Paper B1*/Research/ Internship Report/ Uni option 2 1 Major Course-13
ZOL-424 Mammalogy (B2**) 2 1 Special Paper + Elective Course-3/Uni option
ZOL-425 Ichthyology 2 1 Elective Course-4/ Uni option
ZOL-428 Translation of Quran/Ethics 0 1
Total 10 06
Grand Total 105 29
Grand Total 134

*Aquaculture, Fisheries and fish farming, Mariculture, Apiculture, Taxidermy, Sericulture, Parasitology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Entomology, Pest Control, Ornithology, Ostrich farming, Quail farming, Immunology, Vaccine production, Environmental Sciences, etc. (University may offer any other special paper depending upon the availability of the expertise)

*Research Thesis will be offered over two semesters and report will be submitted at the end of semester VIII for the evaluation.

*Two special papers will be offered in lieu of thesis (Thesis 6(0-6)) in 7th and 8th semester.

**All elective subjects should be selected to support the opted special paper/thesis. Special paper students will take 2 elective papers as special papers and 2 as elective and those opting for research will take 2 courses as elective.
*** Sociology, social work, principles of management, ethical and moral values in society.


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Dr. Sajid Mahmood

Assistant Professor

Ph.D Zoology
Hazara University Pakistan
International Research Support Initiative Program (IRSIP) at University of Nottingham, Nottingham United Kingdom

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Dr. Syeda Nadia Ahmad

Assistant Professor

Ph.D Zoology
University of Sargodha, Pakistan

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Ms. Iqra Javed


MS (Zoology)

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Mr. Bilal Mukhtar


MPhil (Zoology)