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Department of Zoology


The department of Zoology promotes learning and practical implementation at all level of biological organizations and as modular, cellular, organismal, population, community and ecosystem. Reflecting the importance of strong disciplinary and inter disciplinary approaches in research teaching also recognizing the essential role of science and biology in the life general popular today and tomorrow. Also emphasizing biological literacy in teaching and out needs Programs.


The mission of Department of Zoology is to promote excellence in undergraduate and graduate education and research. To promote the discovery and broad communication of knowledge about biology of animals, including their importance for human beings and about their environments.


The Department strives for quality education in Zoology and excellence in Animal Sciences research, in order to contribute to human resource development in the country, and to understand physiological mechanisms involved in health and disease in Pakistani environment. We intend to deliver knowledge which is both basic and applied and orientates our graduates for the challenges in job market in teaching, research and industry. We would like to gear our Department to showcase pure Animal Sciences research.

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University of Chakwal, Punjab 48800 Pakistan.
Email: mail.uoc.edu.pk



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