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Office Of Research Innovation And Commercialization (ORIC)

Corporate Advisory Council

The Corporate Advisory Council plays a key role in offering strategic advice, recommendations, and support to enhance industry-academia connections and facilitate industrial outreach. This contributes to ORIC's goals and objectives. Currently, the Corporate Advisory Council consists of different members.

Objectives of the Committee

  • Advise ORIC UOC on policy and planning to enhance applied research.
  • Review ORIC UOC's progress in applied research and industry partnerships, offering suggestions for strategy and function improvements.
  • Promote collaboration between the university and industry in research and development, including joint research projects, student/faculty internships, work experience programs, and career opportunities.
  • Assist and offer industrial support to startups at Futurizm (Business Incubation Center) for idea testing and production.
  • Support university education programs to ensure graduates align with industry needs and adapt to industry trends and transformative changes.